Adult Code of Conduct

All adults accompanying juniors at any of our events must adhere to all of the codes of conduct listed below, if anyone is seen to break any of these, they will be immediately asked to leave the venue.

1. All adults to follow new caddy rules – these are attached.
2. You will not interact with other 18 hole juniors, unless you are the golf genius scorer or one of the juniors has asked you for rules advice.
3. No swearing/negative talk to competitors, anyone onsite at our events, staff of the tour or staff/members of the golf club.
4. Swearing will be an instant ban and dismissal from the event and all future events.
5. Treatment of staff at the Golf Club – They are there to do their normal duties, they are not there for us and shouldn’t be expected to do services for the juniors unless the shop/club are promoting them.
6. You will adhere to the new cancellation policy that is on our website and not expect anything else.
7. No shows – if you do not show up to an event and have not communicated your no show, you will be automatically removed from your next event.
8. Everyone shall adhere to the Golf Club’s dress code, these are always on the Club’s Website.
9. A tournament draw is final, please do not contact Natalie after the draw asking to change time/playing partners. Any requests must be made in email 2 weeks prior to the event and the draw being made.
10. All communication with Natalie needs to be made by email prior to the event. On the day of the event email and phone is acceptable.
11. We are asking all spectators to come forward if you witness any form of cheating from kids or adults, if there is enough evidence presented to us we will act on it.