Mini Tour


  • Each event will comprise of a 9-hole stroke play competition.
  • The Mini Tour is played as an Order of Merit
  • There are 4 different categories for the Mini Tour, these are as follows:
    Under 6
    Under 8
    Under 10
  • All no handicap categories.
  • Medal Format.
  • U12, 10’s play off same tees set out by the tour.
  • Under 8 and 6 play off same tees set out by the tour.
  • Presentation after each event.

Order of merit points table

  • 1st 15 Points
  • 2nd 10 Points
  • 3rd 8 Points
  • 4th 7 Points
  • 5th 6 Points
  • 6th 5 Points
  • 7th 4 Points
  • 8th 3 Points
  • 9th 2 Points
  • 10th 1 Point

Draw sheets will be emailed around 1 week before the event and the results will be issued the day after.

On the day

  • All competitors should check in at least 40 minutes before their start time and must be on the first tee 10 minutes before their tee time.
  • The Under 10’s will play off the same tees – the organisers will set these out on the day, no set length. The Under 8’s and Under 6’s will play off the same temporary tees, these will be further forward.
  • Prizes will be presented at the Final Event- you are not required to stay after each event.
  • Caddies are allowed.

Additional rules

  • If a child has 3 failed attempts in a bunker, he/she may drop this at either side of the bunker and play from there, the drop won’t count as a shot.
  • The maximum shots that may be taken on each hole Is 10, if a competitor reaches 10 on a hole, he/she may pick the ball up and place a 10 on their scorecard.
  • Air shots are counted.
  • We encourage all juniors to mark scorecards without relying on parents to do them, if a competitor does need help then this is fine, but we would like them to learn how to do this properly.
  • Please encourage all juniors to play a provisional ball if their original shot looks to be in danger.
  • When you have all finished, we ask you all go to the registration desk with your cards so they can be checked and inputted.

We hope you all have an enjoyable experience – for any queries please contact or call Natalie Clarke on 07908 962008.

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